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New Student Registration for Master of Business Administration Even Semester Batch I of Academic Year 2023/2024

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is pleased to announce the commencement of the Admission Selection for New Students through the Graduate Independent Examination for the Even...

Healthy Food Registration System Information Dissemination

In accordance with the direction of the Rector of Universitas Diponegoro, currently, the academic and student affairs division in collaboration with the communication and business division has...

Monitoring and Evaluation of Research Funded by Other than the State Budget Batch II of 2022

In order to improve quality and determine the progress of the implementation of the research program, the Institute for Research and Community Service will conduct a Monitoring and Evaluation...

Announcement | Postgraduate & Profession Independent Test Results Of Even Semester Batch 2

Rector of Universitas Diponegoro hereby announces participants who have passed the selection as Prospective New Students on Postgraduate and Profession Independent Test Of Even Semester Batch 2...


Research & Community Service

ICISPE 2022, Embracing Global Transformation: Collaborative Innovations through Social and Political Research

Semarang (7/9) – The International Conference on Indonesian Social and Political Enquiries 2022 or the 2022 ICISPE of Faculty of Social Science and Political Science Universitas Diponegoro with the...



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